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What Are The Differences Between Tarot, Oracle and Angel Cards?

What are the differences?

I get this question a lot... What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

In all my readings I include Tarot, Oracle and Angel card readings, depending on the type of question and reading that a client has. And it can depend on what the client would prefer in their reading also. Some prefer the Tarot, while others prefer a more gentle reading of oracle or angel cards.

Historically Tarot seems to have been created as a card game back in the 14th century and slowly evolved into a divination tool. Two famous French occultists, Jean-Baptiste Alliette (also known as Etteilla) and Antoine Court (also known as Court de Gébelin), are typically credited for popularizing Tarot card readings back in Paris in the 1800s.

While the first Oracle Deck was created in the 19th centuries Europe. However, Oracle cards are structured quite differently.

The tarot follows it’s own set of rules laid out by original masters of days gone by, while the artists of oracle cards are free to do whatever they want.

A tarot deck is a classic set of 78 cards that fall under the category of major or minor arcana.

From there, the cards are divided into four suits (wands, cups, swords, and pentacles). Tarot cards are studied and interpreted by a reader, primarily to provide insight to a personal situation, affirm things you already intuitively know, or just to simply seek some spiritual guidance.

The images and the pictures might be completely different, but often the messaging behind that card is very similar.

The Major Arcana represents the life and soul lessons one must complete in our life, whereas the Minor Arcana gives us details about our daily life challenges and experiences. Every deck also includes 16 Court cards that are typically seen as archetypes as they tend to represent personality traits.

  • Remember that the Tarot can only act as a confirmation to what you already know.

  • The Tarot doesn't have the answers and they cannot predict the future in any way.

  • And they have nothing to do with witchcraft.

Tarot is a divination tool to connect you to your soul and to your spirituality.

Remember there is nothing negative about it. It's just a simple reflection of the truth and of what we experience as a human being here on earth.

Each card represents a different aspect that we journey through as a soul here on this planet, so we can go through grief, we can go through loss, we can go through fear and shock, we can go through growth and abundance, we can go through love, friendships and breakups, to celebrations etc... which are all represented by one of the cards in the tarot. These are all aspects of life that we all go through at some point in our lives. All of these cards reflect your own inner truth, and the reality of the situation you are in.Its recognising that its only you who can change this, and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, and in our lifes journey and to make some changes where it is needed.

What is the purpose of the Tarot?

Tarot is meant to help offer guidance in a person's past, present, or future, allowing them to understand themselves better. For some, reading Tarot is a journey into the soul and one's purpose in life.

People who use Tarot typically use it more for spiritual growth than for fortune-telling. Psychics begin using Tarot as a way for strengthening their intuition and connecting with their higher self.

Tarot card readings offer more specific details about events, people, and emotional states of mind. For a person looking to know what is going on within a particular situation or person, a Tarot card reading is more likely to offer them those insights.

Tarot is very conducive to offering divination in the form of storytelling as meaning. Many people are drawn to archetypal methods of relating information. People who enjoy metaphorical divination tend to enjoy working with the Tarot.

What are Oracle Cards?

A deck of oracle cards is a divination tool that many people are embracing. They are a little more free-form than Tarot, open to many levels of interpretation, and a lot of people find them easier to understand and navigate. Typically, an oracle card contains an image and an associated phrase or word. Because the messages are usually written on the cards themselves, there is no elaborate story structure to be found. The cards can be laid out in any format, and, like the Tarot, are used for guidance and introspection.

Oracle Cards tend to be easier to learn, while Tarot takes a level of practice and mastery to become proficient and offers an expanse of detail at a depth that most Oracle Cards can’t reach.

Nowadays it is common practice for some professional readers to add an Oracle card/s to their Tarot sessions to validate or amplify messages received.

Oracle cards are like tarot in that they are "directive tools," so they offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective — Energetically, Oracle cards hold a lot of ‘big' energy. They give insight into the greater sense of what is going on, often pointing you towards something you already knew, but needed an outside vision on.

Oracle cards can add a deeper meaning to your readings and add an extra layer of intuition.

With Oracle cards, there is no set number of cards. You can have a deck with 12 cards, 100 cards, or anything in between.

Decks can include many different types of symbols and imagery and poetic words of wisdom and guidance. It is not uncommon to see decks featuring astrology, numerology, Celtic themes, indigenous beliefs, sacred geometry, and varying spiritual beliefs include decks that have a worldview within them.

What is the purpose of Oracle cards?

They are meant to help the user with their spiritual enlightenment as each card is intended to offer self-growth and reflection opportunities. Generally speaking, they provide insights into an overarching theme or topic of focus for one to consider and are often considered to be more "hopeful" than helpful.

What are Angel Cards?

Angel Cards can either come in the format of Tarot cards or as Oracle cards. In most Angel card decks, each card comes with a specific message. When used in Tarot, they will have a particular message, plus the original meaning of the Tarot card along with it, creating a more complex reading experience.

Angel cards' focus is to provide gentle guidance from non-physical entities, especially from the angelic realm. Not all Angel card decks are about Angels, though. Decks can include Ascended Masters, fairies, goddesses, and any grouping considered spiritually evolved on the same level as Angels. They can come packaged as an Oracle deck, a Tarot deck, or a combination of both. These decks can be straightforward to use or complicated, depending on the format.

What is the purpose of Angel cards?

Angel cards, in general, are meant to uplift and enlighten. They help encourage growth and can have higher and more in-depth meanings and messages.

With an Oracle deck style of 36-44 cards, an Angel Card deck is focused on uplighting messages meant to be interpreted as a takeaway message for the day or week.

Some oracle decks instead will incorporate meanings and messages from specific Angels or spiritual beings such as fairies and goddesses.

Angel cards offer the most hope and inspiration for those using them during readings. Most advice and guidance given through Angel cards tend to lean towards gentleness and ease. For people who need patience with the change, these card decks (especially the Oracle ones) are ideal.

So whatever type of reading that you have, it's always nice to let your reader know if you would prefer a Tarot/Oracle reading or an Angelic reading with angel cards. You really cannot go wrong and it's always a good idea to check in with you gut feelings and what you feel would be for you.

Remember that both Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards are used for insight, perspective, clarity, personal growth, inspiration, coaching, divination and to bring you spiritual growth and soul connection. And can all be used to help you live your spiritual journey and walk your spiritual path...

If you would like to receive a Tarot, Oracle or Angelic reading with me? Please check out my readings that I offer here...

I look forward to providing a reading for you whether it's a Tarot, Oracle or an Angel card reading.




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