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Visualise A Release - Channelled Insights

Updated: May 27, 2020

Visualise A Release - Channelled Insights.

I just wanted to share with you, some of my channelled messages that I had received throughout today from the angels, the divine and my spirit guides and that they wanted me to share this with you. This morning, as usual, I sat down to do my daily meditation practice. I had just awoken to some bad dreams that I had, that held a lot of emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and some hatred as well. Not very nice! I woke up with a funny uncomfortable tummy and it continually made gurgling noises and there was a lot of movement around the tummy area. So my intention for this mornings meditation was to focus on releasing this discomfort and letting go of some of those negative emotions that where deep within my subconscious wishing to be released and coming to the surface for me to release them. So I focused on my breathing, breathing in deeply and slowly and exhaling slowly and completely for 3 rounds of breath. I closed my eyes and my focus went straight to my area where my soul resides and listened to what my soul wanted me to know or to be aware of. Just checking in with my soul and how it was feeling. I instantly got directed to my right side of my lower abdomen and felt a lot of tightness and discomfort all in the lower area of my tummy. I asked the area in a kind and gentle way to find out why it was feeling like this? what was wrong? what was it holding on to that made it feel tight and uncomfortable? After asking the area many times, I received short flashes of reasons why and what it was that I was holding onto. Some were very short images others where words and information that popped straight into my head. When a Release Happens With continued questions and speaking to the area to let go, and release; as I would a child, being gentle and loving and breathing in and out, I soon noticed it increasing in discomfort and I started to feel a lot of negative feelings coming up, I saw a cord that was connected to my body or an organ that was connected to my body and that I was cutting it, it hurt and I felt it all and it was very hard for me to cut and release it as I felt scared to cut it and release it. As soon as I cut it I did feel sad and scared of being separated to whatever fears or people I had connected myself to. But I cut it, I felt grief as soon as it was cut away and sadness, but then I felt an immense peace and comfort and freedom within the area and knowing that it had been released. Soon I was directed to another area, just left from the area of before and that was soo much easier to clear with the same questions as before. Then I was focused on the last area on my left side and I felt this was an experience or situation that I had attached myself to, through beliefs and negative thinking or experiences that I had experienced when I was young, and that still affects me today. It was a lot to do with my self-confidence, self-esteem, which really was impacted from this experience and many that I have had over the years and that I know was created by myself in this lifetime, with some insight that also came from a past life and lives that I have had. These just re-enforced it and kept it stuck within me, making me believe that, that was me. When it wasn't at all. Lessons to be learn't Once I knew what it was, I asked for the lessons and teachings it had for me, as we only experience situations or events only to learn and grow from them. They are not meant to become a part of us, or our story in any way. They are only here for a temporary situation, the experience is just energy that eventually shifts and we should too with it. But unfortunately, we keep it, hold it and make it our own, by labelling it and creating a story and situation which creates beliefs and negative thoughts that stay with us. We are only meant to experience it, that is why we are here, we have chosen before we entered into this body to experience and learn from our experiences and encounters. We are not meant to hold on to them and make them ours, the stories of our lives and who we are. They don't make who we are. We are as we have always been and always will be no matter what, but we do grow and evolve as long as we learn from the experience, learning it's lessons and teachings that it has for us and then we can see it for what it really is, a lesson and then we can release it and let it go. If its still holding on, there is something that is still there that we haven't learnt as yet and we still need to, it won't go away until we face it, see it, feel it, experience it and learn from it. We all have many different experiences in our lifetimes and its really important to remember that they are only experiences, lessons that we need to learn from. Relief and Freedom

Soon the feeling of tightness to the feeling within my lower left abdominal region, started to release as I continued to listen, feel and learn from the experience that was attached it and it eventually with some deep breathing, became free and I felt an immense peace and space within. My tummy no longer made any noises and no longer moved around like before and this lasted the whole day afterwards. I just felt a huge amount of peace, happiness, space, freedom and love. I filled this space that was now vacant and free with love and light that filled the whole area, from front to back and then allowed it to fill the rest of my body. I not only felt complete peace, happiness and love within me, but I sensed around me a gradual peace and quiet around my environment, outside in my neighbourhood at 8 am and peace all around. It was beautiful and just so peaceful and quiet. It pretty much stayed that way the whole day and I continued to feel this peace, comfort, security and protection around me that allowed me to move freely through my day with very little disturbance, if any. This is a process that I highly recommend to us all, to connect in meditation to our soul, our essence of who we really are and to listen, to feel, to become quiet and to become aware of the messages, insights and feelings and emotions that are attached to all of us, whether its to an organ or areas in our body that regularly have issues or pain. Just taking some time out in your day to listen, to be aware and to connect will help you to heal, grow and move forward, as we are all meant to. I also want to share with you some insight and channelled messages that I received later in the day that is very much connected to the energy that is around us all today and always. Here are some of the channelled messages that I received from my angels, Archangels, spirit guides and the divine and what they wanted to let me and all of us know. Please let me know if any of these messages resignate with you and where you are, in your journey in life and your experiences. I would love to hear from you if this connects to you. Channelled Messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides and the Divine:

The messages that I received are as follows:

The energy and the messages that the angels wanted me and all of us to hear for the day was all about -

That we all need to clear ourselves of any toxic energies that you have absorbed, through our experiences and situations that we have faced and to see it for what it is, to learn the lessons within the experience or situation and to allow it to be released. Any negative thoughts, belief's anything that feels like its stuck, painful, uncomfortable and that needs to be released are key to moving you forward and helping you to grow and evolve. Allowing more love and fulfilment into your life.

Please align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what is right for you. Knowing who you are - a beautiful soul and that you are love and happiness and always have been and always will be. Be aware of the thoughts, beliefs and experiences that you have become attached to and decide if these still serve you in any way, do they help you to feel fulfilled, happy and do they allow you to grow and evolve? Ask yourself these questions and stay in align with what you value the most.

The Base Chakra (Root Chakra) is where you should focus your attention on releasing fears of security, money, connection and strength. Choose only positive thoughts that describe how you feel and what you want to feel within your body, as your words determine your outcome. Feel grounded and connected to the earth and connected to your body. Knowing that you are safe, abundant and secure and connected to all of life's energies and natural forces. Let go of what no longer serves you and move forward with love, passion and purpose.

And Visualise Success in your life, see yourself doing well in all situations and have faith in yourself and in a positive outcome and a positive future that you can move forward into. The angels are always with you, sending love and support and guidance whenever needed. You are never alone and you are always loved.

Extended Messages From The Angels

Other messages that I received was - Divine Guidance - we all have divine guidance always guiding us along our path, we just need to be open and accepting of this guidance and to listen to it when it arrives, which it will, it always does.

- Dreams - Divine guidance can come through our dreams, messages from the divine that can help us to become aware of issues that are blocking us and that need to be cleared, as well as clarity and understanding. So listen to your dreams, make a dream diary and recall all that you can from the dream. Sometimes you can wake up and forget it all, or sometimes the dream will make no sense to you at all. Be willing to be persistent and diligent, making a regular dream diary can show up later some synchronicities and patterns that you regularly get, be aware of these and see what connects for you.

- Archangel Michael - Comes up a lot, I believe that he is around us all, helping us to grow, heal and move forward in our lives. He will always be by your side and I believe that he is your Divine guidance, who you may witness in your dreams or receive messages. I believe that this is him. This powerful archangel is with you right now. He gives you courage and helps release you from the effects of fear. He is making his presence known to you. He is letting you know that, as you make changes in your life and as you encounter challenges, you are safe and secure. So do call upon him, in your times of need as he will always be there for you.

- You have Answered Prayers - The angels and your spirit guides say to me that your prayers have been answered. God has heard them and that all of your prayers are always answered. The angels answer our prayers by giving us ideas or information, or intuitive feelings or a new opportunity appears for us. They ask that you become at this time, extra observant, noticing everything that you hear, see, say, think and feeL. To be aware of any help that may appear and to accept that help.

- You always have support from your spirit guides and angels, god and the ascended masters who love you, protect you - they are always here for you, guiding you every day. And are watching over you right now. You are never alone in this world, you are always safe and protected. But they do request that you talk to them more frequently, having mental conversations with them about everything, ask them to help you to release any fears that you have. They will always be there for you.

- There is a celebration of the angels and the angelic realm for you at this time - so congratulations! Good news and a cause for celebration, its time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have worked hard towards changes which your intentions have manifested into form. Feel your heart with the warmth of your love and feelings of peace and gratitude and happiness, that flows throughout you right now. They ask you to hold strong, you plant seeds and nurture them, knowing that they will help you to grow and move forward in life. Keep focusing on what you have been doing and soon you will see the results. But remember to stay strong and confident in your abilities and to your wishes and dreams.

Other words that I received were all followed on from my meditation and the feelings that I had such as the words that they had shared with me below:

- Grief - as a word of losing something, letting something go, I felt the pain of grief and sadness within and being released. This was the emotion that I had held onto, to prevent me from letting go, because I didn't want to feel this sad emotion. But I did and it was gone in about 10 seconds and was replaced with peace and acceptance and I had my:

- Doubts - It was important for me and to us all, to release the need to know all of the answers. Which I felt within and to have something positive such as courage, to find the inner strength to face fear with confidence. Which I did.

Then Blame - to accept responsibility for my wellbeing and to release any blame on anything or anyone and just to see it for what it was.

Acceptance is key to all things - accepting the things that I cannot change and letting them go.

Self-esteem - to help me and others with my gifts, to have this I need trust and to accept that my inner voice will always guide me correctly. And that Self-esteem is important to all of us. To have this Self-esteem I also need have:


Humor - focusing on the lighter side of life,

I need perseverance - knowing that I can do whatever I set my mind to,

I need Love - seeing the good in all things including myself and filling myself up with love,

Knowing that Death - endings are merely new beginnings for me and all of us.

Having Discipline - that I can accomplish what I set my mind to,

Peace - and that I am a being of love, and I release all negative energy, thoughts, emotions and beliefs

as well as Envy - as I am the same as everybody else, but with different challenges and that I can help others to release what is also holding back by teaching what I know and what we all collectively know.

Knowing this only re-confirmed our connection to the divine and that everything is all connected for our own personal and spiritual development and the fact that we all need to be aware of the daily messages that we all receive and the guidance that is always there, to help us on our spiritual path and to a more happier, healthier and peaceful way of living, is all possible, if we listen and connect more, to who we really all are.

I really hope that this has helped in any way with regards to healing and letting go. It really helped me and reclarified everything that I knew about where I was at, that I can just check in with myself in meditation and to go with whatever comes up in the time I spend with myself.

Please let me know if any of the messages here from the Angels and the Divine, have given you any insight or understanding to your life, your life situations and experiences you may have faced, or are facing at this moment. Please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you if this resonated with you in any way?

And if you would like to receive one of my channelled messages from the Divine and your angels and Archangels please email me at to book a reading, to know your own personal messages of Love and Light.

Until next time my beautiful beings of Love and Light

Much Love

Kelly From Mystic Bliss


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