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Power Of The Full Moon And How It Affects Us All - 5 Really Simple And Effective Ways To Help You.

Updated: May 27, 2020

Power Of The Full Moon And How It Affects Us All. - 5 Really Simple Effective Ways To Help You.

5 Things to do during the Full Moon

Some of you may or may not notice the effects of the moon, you might see it in the sky, but have never thought of the reason why some months you feel sluggish, tired, stressed out more or just frustrated with something that just isn't moving along as you would like it to. Plus you may not be aware of the impact it can have on our minds and our bodies energies. But it effects us all in many different ways subconciously without us even knowing. All objects emanate subtle frequencies which affect us in varing degrees at a physical and subtle level, which affects our feelings, emotions and our desires.

Plus the 29.5 day cycle is in accord with the average menstrual cycle.

In ancient times, before industralisation, it is believed that when people congregated in tribes and slept in groups, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon. This can still happen when women who live and work together find that their cycles match.

All the various stages of the moons transition effects us in many different ways, more so females due to hormones.

However, due to the effect of artifical hormones, unnatural lighting at night and processed foods mean women may no longer be in tune with the natural energies of the moon.

It is known that the full moon affects the level of melatonin the body produces, so may affect our sleep.

The full moon can also highten mind activity and increase our spiritual connection as well as affecting our physical parts of our body. It can effect our moods and influences our decisions and behaviours as well as energy and stamina.

We are unconsciously influenced by the Full Moon which can bring out the worst in some of us. For some, it might stir up severe anger, rage, irritability or stress. For others, they might experience fatigue or other physical issues. Perhaps you just notice some serious chaos going on in your life.

So how do we harmonize with this energy?

Many Great Teachers recognize the Full Moon as a time of conflict OR opportunity. For the person who meditates and is on a spiritual path it’s used as an opportunity.

So instead of letting the energy of the moon control you, conciously become aware of its energy and to use it to benefit you and become aware of whatever comes up in a postive way, by taking care of yourself, being gentle with yourself.

We all have different experiences each month, some will be more than others, just being aware of the subtle energies the moon gives off and know that this is a time for self reflection and time for you.

At this time we can harness it’s energy reflecting from our Sun and use it for healing, spiritual development and most importantly to bless our Earth and all those in need. The energy coming down towards Earth at this time is very strong. It’s natural for it to stir up our emotional nature. We just need to recognize it and calm those waves.

**Please note: The energy for the Full Moon goes on for 5 days. 2 days before, 2 days after.**

Here are a few great, easy and highly effective tips to get you started:

1. Get Clean! Energetically that is . . . Take a Salt Bath.

Salt is excellent at breaking up unhealthy energy in our system. In fact, Pranic Healers take salt baths not only to help the body heal faster, but also to help prevent any physical or psychological issues from developing. You can use anywhere from 2 cups to 2 pounds of salt. In general we use straight up table salt. It’s cheap; it’s super effective and has a color prana in it that is excellent at breaking up unhealthy energy (More on that in Advanced Pranic Healing class/text). But by all means, if you want to get fancy, feel free to use Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt etc.

Just avoid Epsom Salts. They’re great, but have a completely different purpose than what we’re after.

Fill the tub, add the salt. Soak for no longer than 20 minutes. Rinse off and relax.

Don’t have a shower? Add the table salt to your shower gel and let it sit on the body for a few minutes before you rinse it off.

Feel free to take as many salt baths as you need. Doing this before meditation will allow your system to absorb more energy.

2. Get your friends together, throw a Full Moon Celebration!

Did you know that when we meditate in a group of 7, it’s the equivalent to 100 people or more meditating at the same time? That’s a lot of energy! So grab you’re friends and let it pour. Have a one to one session with me to help you through this high-energy period.

No one around to celebrate with? Tune in online! 100’s of people from around the world tune in to meditate. Once again, it’s super beneficial to tap into that group energy.

3. Tip: Organize your Projects, Goals and Prayer Lists before meditating.

Full Moon meditations are very powerful. However we can only absorb so much energy at one time. Eventually our system gets full. The rest of the energy sits in the aura and disperses as time goes on. So why not make good use of that excess energy?

Here are a few ideas:

Is there anything going on in the world that could use some positive energy? People, places, political turmoil, natural disasters etc.…Like the Earth Quake that just happened today in Pakistan.

What about your family, partner, friends, and associates . . . how are they doing?

Next, finances, goals, and projects . . . All these things need energy to materialize and be successful for you.

To release excess energy after your meditation you’re simply going to bring your hands up to chest level, palms facing outwards. Focus on your breath. We receive these blessings freely, we also share these blessings freely.

Now go through your list of things to direct this excess energy too.

One thing to be aware of with blessing people, only focus on them for a few moments if you’re doing them one at a time. Sometimes the energy is very strong – and you don’t want to overwhelm them.

Blessing is very effective and not to be underestimated. The key is to do is consistently over a period of time.

4. Check in with yourself. How are YOU doing?

The Full Moon does a great job at shedding light into the darker aspects of our personality and our subconcious mind. What came up for you during this time? Reflect on your life - whats happening, are you trying the release something? Be mindful. Take note. We all have our stuff to work on, no man is an island. Use this period as a time of opportunity for your own growth and development.

Remember that energy is magnified - so whatever you are putting out their is being magnified back to you ten fold. Look within and see what needs attention and changing if it no longer serves you.

If you need extra support or healing, let me know, as I am a Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher and I can help you during these energy stages each month.

5. Treat yourself like the Queen (or King) that you are.

For our system to handle sometimes intense energies and emotions we need a strong healthy body. This is often overlooked or neglected. Your body is the current house for your spiritual development. Treat it with care.

  • Are you getting enough sleep?

Make the effort.

This is when your body has a chance to heal and restore itself.

  • How’s the diet? Any adjustments to be made?

All of us are different and need different things. Try to eat food that’s fresh. That way there is still some prana (life force) in it.

Exercise. No matter what type of exercise we do, we need to be exercising. Ideally, it’s good to have a routine through the week. Once again, whatever is best for your personality and body type. Take care of #1.

Plus avoid taking important decisions or buying and selling on these days.

Increase the quantity and quality of spiritual practice from 2 days prior and 2 days after the full moon and new moon days.

Enjoy the full moon! Let it be a time of opportunity and make sure to use the energy to improve the quality of your life and others.

If you would like help and guidance on any aspects I mentioned above, please contact me here as I'm a holistic and spiritual healer, spiritual coach as well as a Reiki Healer and Meditation Teacher. I am also a Tarot, Oracle and Angel Card Reader and Therapist and I can help you to see the energy and messages from the divine during this intense energy period.

Visit me at www.mystic-bliss.com to find out more and to book your reading

To your best Life

Love and Light always

Kelly From Mystic Bliss



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