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Get A Better Nights Sleep

Updated: May 27, 2020

Get A Better Nights Sleep

As many as 16 million UK adults are suffering from sleepless nights as a third (31%) say they have insomnia, almost half (48%) agree they don’t get the right amount of sleep. With the nation set to enjoy an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back for the winter, longer and better quality night’s sleep may be sorely needed. On average, UK adults sleep for less than six hours per night; below the seven to nine hours sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. With women getting an hour’s less sleep on average than men (six hours vs. seven), they are also more likely to say they aren’t getting the right amount of sleep and are currently suffering from insomnia. Sleep disruption is very common among many of the ladies and men I have met over my 23 years in this profession, with more than two thirds (67%) of UK adults agreeing their sleep is often disturbed, rising to nearly three quarters (74%) of women. ​ Here at Mystic Bliss, we know how vital your sleep is to your health and well-being of your body and your mind. Especially busy women with family, work, home and life commitments that find them struggling with just a few hours of sleep each night. ​ There are many reasons as to why sleep patterns can be interrupted but once they become irregular, a lack of sleep can impact the mind and body in a very negative way. By utilizing the various techniques available to you, it is possible to identify issues and to reset sleep patterns so that sleep becomes a healing and therapeutic resource. We all know how vital sleep is in healing and repairing our body, Your brain needs uninterrupted sleep that allows it to go through all five stages of each sleep cycle. This is especially important for the release of growth hormones, which occurs mainly at night during deep sleep. We all need to aim for at least seven - eight hours of high-quality sleep per night. ​ Here are some of the key benefits of a deep and calming sleep routine: Health benefits of Deep Sleep Deep sleep is important stage of sleep that you should experience every time you get sleep. Here are some of the many health and well-being benefits of deep sleep: ​

  • Maintains a healthy heart

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Maintains a healthy brain

  • Improves memory and creativity

  • Promotes a healthy weight

  • Prevents obesity and weight gain

  • Balances Hormones

  • Prevents diseases and other health related issues

  • Improves digestion and digestive health

  • Repairs body cells

  • Restores energy

  • Alleviate stress and depression

  • Promotes good mood and positivity

  • Prevents diabetes

  • Fights inflammation

  • And so much more...

To find out more about getting a better nights sleep, please message me at

Sweet Dreams

Love and Light Kelly From Mystic Bliss xxx

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