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  • Kelly Singh

Divine Guidance Is Available to You Now!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Aug 15, 2019

Angelic Love and Light Messages The Angels wish you to know that there is Divine Guidance available for us all right now. Especially with this Full Moon in Virgo. It's time to shine our light on the world and on ourselves to illuminate what we want to manifest in our life, either for it to being more love, peace and abundance. The angels and the Moon are bringing us strength and inner power and showing us new ideas and inspiration for us to share love to ourselves and to others. They are helping us to find inner freedom, freedom to be yourself in all that you do. To feel happy and content as you travel along your journey of love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself and of others in loving and nurturing ways. The angels ask you to take the time on this full moon to look within, to seek the inner guidance system that is within you, that can help to shine a light on all that is blocking you and to show you the true path to your happiness and inner joy. Today is the day to spend some time in nature and to take some alone time to meditate and to reconnect to your inner being, your emotions and feelings within. To find that inner freedom and inner peace that will be your guide to love and happiness, that we are all seeking at this often difficult times that we face. Start today looking within and let me know how you connect to your inner guidance system and how it helps you to continue your path to love and healing. I would love to hear your messages and views. Love and Light always from your Angels and the Divine. Blessings Kelly From Mystic Bliss xxx

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