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  • Kelly Singh

Discovering The Real You...

In your Life and Spirituality.

Have you ever considered that you are more than what you see in the mirror? Maybe at one level you sense that you are connected to infinite consciousness, an aspect of the flow of all that is.

Why in these turbulent times do so many of us feel so confused, overwhelmed and lost? Why are so many people experiencing chronic symptoms of fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression, and how does this link to our sense of identity?

Creating a sustainable and easy to maintain authentic self connection naturally evolves from engaging in actions that foster self awareness.

Sense of Self

There is a part of us that wants to define our identity. This part of us reviews the past and all the experiences and conditioning we have encountered and puts it in an identity section, regardless of the accuracy of its opinions. It then projects this out into the future and decides who and how we are going to be, all based on who we have been in the past. Having our identity put together like this, prevents us from experiencing all of who we can be, which inhibits our natural flow. Restricting this flow of our true-self means we block our emotional energy which results in a whole lot of life challenges over time and results in over-activity of the nervous, endocrine and immune system.

Being the real you means to be true to your values, what do you value in life? What's important to you? Whats important to you in your home, your work, your relationships with yourself and others? By knowing this allows to follow the principles that you believe in. When we are living from what we love and care about, when we follow our "bliss" we are letting our spiritual self guide us and we can evolve and grow as individuals.

So, Who Are We?

We are a flow of consciousness moving through time. There isn't just one version of us but many aspects that have the capacity to change, evolve and develop over time. We have that within us, we are able to grow, change, evolve and develop in our lifetime, if we choose to allow this to happen.

I'm sure there is no doubt that you can feel the intensity of life at the moment. We are all shifting, evolving and transforming, if we like it or not. The world is changing and as are we also. Keeping ourselves stuck and set in a particular way will only cause us to have more challenges in our life, unless we are able to let go, expand and flow with the new changes that come our way. Being able to adapt, change and evolve through life situations are key for us to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Could you stop for a moment and feel into the idea that you are an expansive flow of consciousness having an experience moment by moment. You are always growing, evolving and developing sometimes this can bring discomfort, or contentment. Memories will spring to mind and will try to tempt your mind into the temptation to try to recreate who you think you are.

Let those thoughts flow, they are simply an aspect of who you were, they are part of your amazing experience of life, don't let them define who you are now.

Can you be curious about who you might be, through feeling, rather than thinking?

Allow yourself to be present and attuned to the gentle nudges, intuitions and emotional feelings that your intelligent body and true-self sends you. You may find that you are surprised by what your intuitive self sends you and what you feel: your probably notice that your feelings won't always correlate with the sense of identity that your mind had concocted for you in the past. If you find that it brings you fear or confusion, allow yourself to experience it without any judgement or a need to find meaning within it.

Remember that you are more than your physical body, more than your brain, more than your thoughts and feelings. These are all part of your experience of being human but they are not the totality of you. Its time to expand your sense of identity beyond needing to define yourself. Let yourself feel and flow through life; trust that the inner wisdom within you will guide you to a richer, more fulfilling experience of life.

Know What You Have

You really do have the resources and ability to move forward. Don't let fear or stagnation hold you back, move forward with confidence, knowing that you have all that you need within you and that you can work through any negative experiences that you may come across, its within your ability and the universe will never give you too much that you are not able to cope with.

Have faith in yourself, your abilities and that the universe always has your highest intentions for you. Learn what is best for you now to follow you path in life. Gather the inspiration, strength, innate courage and insights to acknowledge the situations to help you to overcome obstacles to become triumphant and victorious, knowing that change is inevitable and that life is constantly changing. Nothing ever stays the same. This is what brings with it newfound freedom and spiritual growth.

Make the decisions that are best for you. Choose actions based on your own personal values. Regret nothing in this life and do all that you can. Draw upon your self-belief and go after what it is that you want and summon up courage and your self-confidence that you have within you.

By putting down your amor, you are truly able to use the intelligence of your heart, which will always guide you in the right direction. Trust the journey of the heart and what the heart wants, it may not always make sense to the mind. Decide to become your highest self.

Spiritual development is a journey that unfolds only when you begin to walk the path of the real you and the essence of who you are, truly and deeply.

If you would like further guidance in discovering the real you and the essence of who you are? Message Kelly at to find out how Spiritual Development through Spiritual Coaching, Counselling and healing can help you to develop your inner knowing and spiritual connection to yourself. Or learn more about yourself with a Tarot and Oracle card reading or coaching session.

For centuries, Tarot and Oracle cards have been used for divination, but are now also being used as a tool for self-discovery and self-awareness.

I like to combine both disciplines. For me, the symbolism of the Tarot and the Oracle provides a key to the subconscious mind, which I use to look at certain situations in our lives and suggest possibilities for the future. This can help you see the bigger picture, look at things in a different way and help you discover more about yourself and what you most want out of life.

What is Tarot and Oracle Coaching?

Combining intuitive Tarot and Oracle reading with Spiritual Coaching and Stress Management knowledge, I can help you gain insight into your current situation and guide you towards finding solutions to your problems and ways to change your life for the better.

Angel cards, tarot cards and oracle cards can be used as a tool to help you explore issues and circumstances in your life that require some extra guidance and support.

Or why not try my Life Purpose Holistic Tarot and Oracle Coaching which could help you to become clear on your purpose for being here and helps to guide your life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning in your life.

You are the creator and designer of your life. Together we will identify any barriers that are getting in the way of living your life on purpose and we will develop a plan to improve your life. Using Tarot and Oracle wisdom as well as any intuitive guidance from your angels and guides to help you on your chosen path.

People who live a life of purpose have core beliefs and values that influence their decisions, shape their day-to-day activities and actions and determine their short and long term priorities.

I believe that we were all sent here for a reason and that we all have significance in the world.

We are all blessed with unique gifts and I'm here to help you to find your unique gifts and your unique life purpose.

My program will help you to navigate and understand the reason why you are here and will be your focus and determination moving forward into your new life of knowing and understanding much more about yourself and where you are heading.

It's the road map that we all need on this journey through life and let me be your guide throughout it...

To book any of the above... Please message Kelly at to book your reading, coaching or time with Kelly and her intuitive Tarot and Oracle cards.

Best Wishes To You on Your Journey...

Much Love


From Mystic-Bliss

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